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Supporting international exchange initiatives


Representatives from Northeast Community College (Nebraska) and other U.S. community colleges visit the Xi’an Aeronautical Polytechnic Institute in Xi’an in October 2010 as part of an AACC delegation to China.

​The American Association of Community Colleges’ (AACC) International Programs and Services Department is involved in several programs to help colleges offer their students study abroad experiences to fulfill their mission to increase intercultural understanding and prepare students to take part in the global economy.

Some international initiatives that AACC participates in include:

NCC is pursuing a three-phase approach, said Bill Path, the college's president. The first step will be an elective course on intercultural communications focusing on a single country and its culture, government, economy, art and history, followed by a two-week visit. A different country will be featured every year, with the first course, to be offered in spring 2012, focusing on Great Britain.
Phase two involves a three-year partnership among NCC, the Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture in China and the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Path visited the Chinese school last October as part of an AACC delegation, and administrators from that school are coming to NCC in June. The third phase would be a faculty exchange.
International experiences will help his students be more competitive in the global economy, Path said. Students will have more opportunities in their careers if they are exposed to other cultures, he said. 
“We want to provide this opportunity in rural Nebraska,” Path said.
According to Path, many students at NCC have never been on plane or even traveled out of state. 

"If we don’t teach them about other cultures, who will?” he said.